What can I expect, coming to Glier's?

Park your vehicle at the dock or on W.11th street, and walk into our office (red door) to fill out your paperwork -have your confirmation or check-in tag and your deposit ready. Once you have filled out your information and decided which of our quality products to order, you will receive a claim check to pick up your deer, and a yellow aluminum tag with your name and claim number -this goes around the shin on the hind leg of your deer. This is our only way to identify your deer, so be sure we have this tag! Our skinners are usually available to help remove your deer from your vehicle. Once we have the deer and the tag, unless you are waiting for the head and hide, you're done. Please feel free to stay around and talk with other hunters or our friendly and knowledgeable skinners, but because our parking space is limited we do ask that you make sure other vehicles still have access.

How much does it cost?

Our base processing package -chops, roasts and burger- is $70. If you're interested in the specialty items, the cost will depend on what you want and how big the deer is.

How much is the deposit?

For whole deer we require a $50 deposit ($20 for boneless) which is applied towards your bill.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring your deer, your confirmation or check-in tag number, and the deposit.

Is there a charge for skinning?

Yes, the skinning fee is $20.

Can you skin my deer for mounting?

We certainly can, but there is an additional charge of $10.00. All mounts must be picked up on the day of drop-off. We understand that this may be inconvenient, especially on opening weekend, but while we try our best to be accommodating we are still a USDA inspected facility and we cannot be responsible for abandoned mounts.

How long should I hang the deer before bringing it to you?

DO NOT! Bring the deer to us immediately, or as soon as possible. At temperatures over 40?, bacteria double every four hours. For food safety reasons, any deer that shows signs of abusive handling will be rejected and will not be processed.

I can't get to you before you close, what should I do?

We now have a 24 hour drop-off cooler located on our dock at 533 W. Eleventh, so your deer can be dropped off anytime! Simply call the number posted on the cooler for the combination and instructions. Please remember to bring your deposit and confirmation/check-in tag number.â€

Can I bring in Boneless meat for processing?

Yes. It can be either frozen or refrigerated, but must be this year's kill, and we will still need the confirmation or check-in tag number. We do not accept any ground meat.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, Visa, Master Card or Discover only.

I'm having a friend drop off my deer, what do I need to tell them?

Most importantly they need to know what you want done with the deer. They need to know your proper address so our postcard reaches you when your deer is ready, and of course they will need your deposit and confirmation or check-in tag number.

How will I know when my deer is ready?

We will send you a postcard, which you will fill out along with your order form.

How long will it take to have my deer processed?

That depends on when in the season it is dropped off. Early in the season it always takes longer, but during muzzle-loader and gun season, we average a 7-10 day turnaround. We are as anxious to get your deer back to you as you are.

What do I need to pick my deer up?

You will need either your claim check, or the postcard we will mail to you. Please be sure to save these, we will not release the deer without them! In the event of their loss, you will need to come in person to speak with one of our managers -please have ID ready.

How long can I keep my food in the refrigerator or freezer?

For best results do not refrigerate for longer than a month. In the freezer, burger can be kept for up to a year, but most other products should be used within six to nine months for best flavor and quality.

Do you make deer goetta?

No we do not. We never have and never will. The processes are separate, and for food safety reasons we will not mix them. We understand the product is available elsewhere.

Do you sell deer sausage?

No. It is illegal to place economic value on wild game in the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. We custom process only, and since we never own the deer, we cannot sell it. We routinely donate extra or abandoned deer meat to Hunters for the Hungry.

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