Dear Loyal Hunter,


Throughout all sectors of industry, the lack of available, quality workers is being felt.  We see it in the restaurants we frequent, the stores we shop in, and at our very own jobs.  Glier’s Best Deer Processing is no exception.  We have explored numerous avenues in an attempt to get the staff we need to continue to run Glier’s Goetta and Glier’s Best Deer Processing, to no avail.


We have been proud to serve the hunters in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area with quality processing of their harvest for over 30 years.  Unfortunately, due to the current staffing issues, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to suspend Glier’s Best Deer Processing for the 2021 Deer Season, in an effort to preserve our core business.


We have enjoyed the relationships we have formed with the many hunters we have come in contact with over the years and mourn the necessity of this decision.  We sincerely hope that we can come back, better than ever for the 2022 Deer Season, but due to the current situation and the uncertainty of how long it will last, that is a promise we don’t know that we can keep.


We appreciate your business and loyalty over the years and will keep you apprised of any changes that might occur, either this season or the next.



Daniel W. Glier

President Glier’s Meats, Inc.

Hunting is full of tradition. For many hunters, that tradition is part of their family and identity . For our customers, coming to Glier's is a tradition all its own. At Glier's BEST Deer Processing, we have been making sausage daily for over sixty years, and for over twenty we have been offering the best deer processing available in the region. You know our name, and you know we supply the finest restaurants, stores and delis in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are devoted to maintaining our reputation for the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and absolute professionalism.


When you bring your deer to Glier's, you're coming for the variety, flavor, safety and standards of preparation that only we are able to offer. We offer you and your family an alternative to backroom butchering, with its questionable quality and doubtful sanitation. At Glier's we produce only the finest cuts and sausages, and prepare them in a manner indistinguishable from anything bought in a store.

Come and visit us, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, chat with other hunters from around the region. Watch us as we carefully and skillfully skin your trophy for mounting, or ponder over the delicacies that you and your family can be proud to serve in any setting.

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